About Us

About Us

Since 1950, family-owned and operated Hollandia Dairy has been producing, processing and distributing our award-winning, farm-fresh milk and nutritional dairy products to the families of Southern California.

While many will argue that “milk is milk,” the Hollandia way of doing business is the difference you can taste and see. We believe healthy, happy cows give the best milk, and we make sure to take extra special care of our spotted MVPs. This is how we’re able to ship out fresh and delicious dairy products every single day for you and your family to enjoy.

Meet the DeJong Family

The Hollandia Dairy story began in 1949, when Mr. and Mrs. Arie de Jong brought their 10 children to the United States, leaving behind their life in Holland to settle in Poway, California. With a little experience in the dairy business and $32.00 to their name, they decided to try their luck with dairy farming. After one year they were able to buy a dairy on the corner of Felicita and Highway 395 (now Centre City Parkway) in Escondido. Sales at the “Cash & Carry” at this time were about $8.00 per day.

Despite these humble beginnings, the DeJong family kept working. Everyone helped to build the business. This same family unity continues to this day, adding strength and direction to the dairy for over three generations now. As a result, Hollandia remains one of the oldest independent producer and distributor dairies in the state, and plans to keep right on working and growing for generations to come.

Hollandia Dairy Founders - the DeJong Family

Ethical Trade Initiative

Bribery and corruption continues to create an uneven playing field in trade and commerce, which exacerbate supply chain risks. The implications from these unethical practices impact communities whose livelihoods are tied to the environment and lead to labor abuses and occupational health and safety risks to workers. Hollandia Dairy is committed to improve labor standards, reduce negative environmental impacts and ensure our businesses operate in an ethical manner. Such modifications not only benefits workers by providing fair and predictable wages, safe working conditions with the opportunity to raise concerns, and leads to a more effective work place for all.